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Christmas Movies

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Christmas Movies

If you thought it was too early to start watching Christmas movies, you’re sadly mistaken. They just put you in a feel good mood. You know? The holiday spirit!  If you didn’t know,  Freeform, formerly ABC family, participates in 25 Days of Christmas anually and each night they show Christmas moviesup until Christmas! 

Here’s a list of movies that never go unwatched in my household...if you were wondering lol

Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas - A cult fav and for a darn good reason. Great story line, humor, and music. The works! 

Home Alone & Home Alone 2 - LOVE these! Home Alone 2 is a bomb sequel and it’s also very funnier than the first. I’ve never seen the 3rd, is it great? Let me know lol

Elf - Not Will Ferrell’s funniest movie, but still hilarious and super cute! It’s probably not his best because it’s for kids, tbh.

The Santa Clause - Classic, but probably the only one I don’t NEED to watch every year. Sorry for lying.

This Christmas - ...for the culture, you know. I love an all Black cast.  Also Breezy’s rendition of This Christmas is my fav.

Jingle All The Way - super nostalgic for me and pre governor days for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Preacher’s Wife - That soundtrack tho? Nuff said.

The Perfect Holiday - It’s of those good bad movies, and I love it.


Can I also recommend all of the Christmas episodes of The Office? Welp, I will lol!

Season 2, Episode 10

Season 3, Episode 10

Season 5, Episode 11

Season 6, Episode 13

Season 7, Episodes 11-12

Season 8, Episode 10

Season 9, Episode 9

These are all beyond hilarious. Please watch all of them. 

-Management  💙