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Comfy in Athleisure

Mallory HamiltonComment
Comfy in Athleisure

I am truly in love with athleisure mainly because it’s cute without the effort, you know? 

This is me really wanting a monotone look under my jacket and wearing a colorful beanie for a pop of color lol. It was accidental and I loved it. 

Athleisure is perfect for clothes shopping, grocery shopping, and all around errand runnin’. I’m wearing jeans, but they honestly feel like leggings. So comfy! Feel free to swap em out with grey joggers, they’d be just as cute! If I know I’m going to be out all day checking things off of my to-do list, this is most likely what I’ll be wearing. During the colder months, I’d probably swap out the kicks for uggs or docs and the jacket with an appropriate winter coat. And if its spring/summer, catch me in fenty slides and a light jacket around my waist. Yepp, this is me, lol. 


Jacket - The North Face  

Hoodie - Under Armour

Jeans - Urban Outfitters

Kicks  - Adidas NMD

Sunnies - Quay Australia