Hey, there! I'm notorious for carrying a makeup bag with me everywhere I go. I got my cute bag from an Ipsy subscription and I love it because it's large enough for my goodies, yet small enough for my purse.

So what's in my makeup bag you ask...?

Sephora double mirror - Gotta check up on it, you know?

Advil -  Headaches and cramps are no bueno and I'm always prepared for my friends and I. Sharing is caring :)

Altoids - Stay minty, my friends.

Blistex - Major key. When I'm not wearing lipstick, I like to use this to keep my lips moisturized. This lip balm has been holdin' me down for years and it has a cooling relief that I love. ALSO, it can be used to take off lipstick when you want to completely reapply because of the oils it contains.

Hand lotion - #NoAshy2K5ever

LA Girl Pro concealer - I'll use this to clean up around my lips if my lipstick bleeds and/or to cover up any redness near my nose when certain foundations don't last as long. This concealer has great coverage and can also be used a foundation...and it's $3. THREE!

beautyblender - This is a STAPLE product and I use this to apply everything: foundation, concealer, highlight, you name it. When I'm out for the day, I use this with my LA Girl Pro concealer to clean up mishaps and to blot when I'm oily and not wearing a matte foundation.

Lippie (whichever one I'm wearing that day) - I usually wear liquid lipsticks when I'm out for the day for minimal to no touch ups, but you never know when you're about to eat a greasy bacon cheeseburger, so ALWAYS bring your lippie to reapply and/or touch up.

Lip liner - If I ever have to take off my lipstick to completely reapply, I like to carry a brown lip liner to line my lips when I wear nude/light pink colors.

Mini highlighter - I just like to glow forreal.

Travel sized setting spray - A quick spritz will just freshen up your makeup after many hours of wear.