Style & Smile with Gabes

Style & Smile with Gabes


I'm really excited, can you tell? I partnered up with Gabes for their Smile and Style giveaway campaign to win a $50 gift card and it starts today! To enter, all you have to do is is watch this video and comment your favorite outfit item that I picked up. Easy, right? Lol, well what are you waiting for? Get to it! Listen, $50 is a lot if you know the prices in this store! Keep reading and I'll give you the scoop.  

I also want to tell you about my visit here. For those who don't know, Gabe's is a store with highly discounted name brand clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods. Similar to Marshalls, you are guaranteed to find style and savings at Gabe's - the difference is the items are at least 70% off.  If there is one in your area, you have to visit and see what you can find. I was super inspired clicking the hashtag #mygabes on Instagram just to see all the cool things other people found in their local stores.

I visited the store located Prices Corner center in Wilmington, Delaware for their grand opening. I was challenged to find an outfit for $50, the clothes had to be $25 and the accessories the same. I did a poll on twitter asking you guys what king of look you'd rather see, the people chose summer date night over girls night out, concert/festival, and brunch/day party look. Honestly, summer date night gives me the most flexibility mainly because you don't have to just put on a dress and heels and go to dinner. Summer is about comfortability and bright colors. Summer dates can be about dinner, but also museums, movie theaters, walks in the park, etc. I believe this look is perfect for that.  These pants were loud and grabbed my attention very quickly, and for only $3.99 (originally $16.00), I did not hesitate to put them in my cart. The white top from The Loft, only $9.99 and originally $44.99, was perfect to match because I didn't want a loud shirt clashing with the pants, keeping it simple and I'd get a lot of use of it. Lastly,  I've been wanting a small beige crossbody bag for the summer, and this Steve Madden bag was the perfect size and price for $24.99 compared to $68.

I also got great deals on shoes and workout clothes! Guess booties for $22.99 and Steve Madden booties for $24.99. As for athletic wear I found Nike spandex leggings, Reebok sports bras, and other workout tanks for $24.99 and others for less. Nike and Reebok sportswear does not usually  go for less than $45 and that's straight fax, b. You can check the carfax on Nike and Reebok's websites because I'm not joking. I thought it was worth it to rack up, since I started working out more often AND I've been incorporating athleisure in my wardrobe, lol. So double worth it. 

Other pick ups were summer dresses and jumpsuits, because why not rack up? They are not pictured here, but I will be wearing them this summer, so follow me on Instagram so you can see :). But back to Gabe's the deals are awesome, seriously! Helpful tip, don't ever try to look for a specific brand, these stores get new shipments often and usually once something is gone, it's gone. It's a private discounted fashion retailer. So target an area and focus. You want more shoes, dresses, or pants, go to that section and look through everything because the hidden gems are there! If there is a Gabe's in your location, visit and be amazed by those price tags.