Tips on Buying Your Everyday Pair of Glasses!

Tips on Buying Your Everyday Pair of Glasses!

"Versace, versace. Medusa head on me, like I'm 'luminati" No, Im not in the illuminati, neither is Drake lol. The song fits, okay?! 

So let me begin by telling you, I know my stuffz cause ya girl has been wearing specs since 3rd grade! #Visionbeenblurry. Each time I get new glasses, I try to switch it up whether it be the design, color, frame shape, glasses, new me, ma. As I've gotten older, I realize I like a particular shape of frame on my face for an everyday look and that's none other than...yep, you guessed it, the Clark Kents, better known as the Wayfarer or retro square. 

My last pair, I went old school with Ray Ban and as soon as I put them on, I fell in love. When glasses shopping came around this time, I tried to get a new shape, but none of them were me. Was my face trippin' that day? Idk. So once I decided the shape was gonna be the same, and black is the new black,  I figured I would go with a different brand. I told the Cohen's employee I did not want to spend that much and I think she heard me, but then had the nerve to pull this Versace pair from the display counter and say "I just want to see what these look like on you." and thats how I got trapped. Every pair I put on afterwards literally looked like a bad idea, so I had to get them lol. Because of my vision plan with my insurance, I had a bomb discount. I also had to pay a little extra for the lenses to be scratch and smear proof (if you saw my Ray Bans, you'd know why) but it was well worth it.  It came in a box, with the case inside and the cleaning cloth inside, very very fancy *sings in bougie*

My tips for finding your perfect pair!

1. Find your shape: Make sure that the shape you like doesn't squish your nose or make it look much bigger. Glasses, to me, are edgy and should compliment the face. You don't want the glasses to be so huge it's glasses featuring a face, it should be the other way around lol. I always go on interviews with my glasses because I feel like a #bawse. From some quick research, a quick google, you can visually see certain types on different face shapes. These are just suggestions, its always best to try them on for your own decision. A typical rule is to go opposite of your face shape.

  • Square shaped faces with aviator, oval, and round frames (avoid square frames)
  • Heart shaped faces with cat eye, retro square, wayfarer, and rectangular frames
  • Oval shaped faces with rectangular, retro square, and aviator frames (avoid round frames)
  • Round shaped faces with rectangular or square frames (avoid round frames)

(From and my own personal experience with having a heart shaped face lol)

2. Choose a color you don't mind wearing everyday: Whether an everyday pair or an emergency pair, they should still go with your everyday style. I like classic colors like black, grey, burgundy/wine. Certain prints are a bit tired to me, and I like to go simple because sometimes my outfits are loud. Listen if you wanna rock the rainbow cheetah print specs, go right ahead because you got more finesse than me, sis. 

3. Look around the entire store: Who cares if you've been there all day? This is your face we're talking about, and probably the first thing people notice. Check out evveeryyy single station, like seriously go through the whole store. Sometimes the discounted ones they advertise in the front are full of uglies, but some are nice and even designer; so if you're ballin' on a budget, you can definitely find some there. You never know and you might make a come up. Unfortunately the free (with my insurance) section was slackin' for my particular taste, but that might not be your testimony!

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you've used any of these techniques, your current favorite shape, or the style you're rockin' today! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and like #Feedherstyle on Facebook!