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Gingham Style ;)

Mallory HamiltonComment
Gingham Style  ;)



I shot with the lovely Antoinette Lee (again) to bring you this chill fit. This is me making  turning the classic “t-shirt and jeans” look a little more fancy, lol. I have on a gray tee, black high waisted jeans, a brown gingham blazer and, thigh highs. You ever have those days you feel like there's nothing in your closet but a whole bunch of pieces that don’t go together? Well, this is for you. I wanted to test my creativity to see what I could come up with. Hope you enjoy it! 


Blazer - Thrifted

T-shirt - Urban Outfitters

Jeans - Fashion Nova

Boots - Guess

Sunnies - Quay Australia

Beret  - Steve Madden