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Getting to Know @HeyAprill!

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Getting to Know @HeyAprill!


I've been following @HeyAprill on twitter for about 2 years now and I've always loved how raw both she and her content was. Whether it's a post on her blog, or a twitter thread, without a doubt its full of knowledge. Aprill always seemed so approachable and I felt free to ask her my skin/beauty related questions because of her online presence. She's also not afraid to call out brands for lack of exclusivity and diversity and in a super saturated beauty world, it's a BOLD move. You gotta respect it.  In case you didn't know, I even been blessed to be featured on her site reviewing Murad products when I was just starting out as a blogger! If you wanna read up on that, click here


Well let's get into it!

1. What does self care mean to you? Self care is simply taking a moment out for yourself. 

2. How did you get the nickname Fairy Glammother? "I think they came up with that name because I was always helpful and the recommendations I gave helped them out." 

3. When did you get into skin care and when did you make it a career? "I’ve been into skincare as long as I have been in the beauty space, which is since 2007. I started making it a career in 2014." 

4. Most overrated beauty product release of 2017? "Hmmm, I don’t think I know of one. Nothing was groundbreaking." 

5. What are some winter do's and don'ts? "Do load up on the moisturizers, don’t walk out of the house without SPF!" 

6. What do you predict will be the new skin care craze for the new year? "Skincare products that contain snail slime." 

7. I’ve noticed that you are you against using coconut oil on the face? Why is that? Why do you think it was a thing people were doing? "I’m honestly not against coconut oil. If you have acne prone skin then yes, you should leave it alone. People use it because it works so well to remove makeup and hydrate. There’s always Argan oil guys!" 

8. What's your Holy Grail skin care product no matter the brand, what can’t you live without? "A heavy night cream." 

9. What do you think it is about you and your content that got you such a large following that trusts you and your reviews? "I think it’s the honesty. I don’t think I have a large following, but the ones that believe in me, listen to me, and I appreciate that."

10. Before you were knowledgeable about skin care/beauty, what are some embarrassing things you used to do? Like a skin care or makeup fail. "I was a huge fan of toning my skin with rubbing alcohol back in high school. I never wore sunscreen and caking my face with Covergirl pressed powder with Noxema (soft honey) was a daily ritual."

Fun bonus questions for Aprill!

 a. Lipstick or foundation? Lipstick 

 b. Mascara or falsies? Mascara

 c. Serum or moisturizer? Moisturizer

 d. Sheet mask or peel off mask? Sheet Mask

 e. Matte or gloss lip? Matte!


That's a wrap! Thank you so much Aprill for taking the time to be apart of my challenge and always giving us great content to attribute to our skin/beauty needs of our self care journey!