#SelfishSunday Mother's Day Edition

#SelfishSunday Mother's Day Edition


Hey loves! On this #SelfishSunday I want to shoutout all the mothers that go above and beyond to nurture, provide, and push their children.

It's a nonstop job and you do not get to clock out when you've had enough. I sometimes feel it is hard for them to be selfish because they are constantly looking out for their family. I am not a mother, but I have the best example to aspire to when it's my time (best beleive that'll be a loooonnggggg time from now, tah!)


My mom, Valerie, is one of a kind and the definition of selflessness. Remember when Tina Knowles told us that need to honor our legends before they move on to Heaven? She was referring to Beyonce, but I'm applying that same motive with my mom. We need to let the legends in our life know that they are appreciated and I am making more of a conscious effort to do so.  It is also vital that I encourage her to take time out for herself -- reminding her to be selfish. I can see her doing it with my grandma and I want to follow suit. 

Be sure to let all of the mothers both physical and spiritual in your life know how much you value them and make sure to show them on days besides Mother's Day too.

I also wanted to shoutout some awesome mothers with businesses, brands, and blogs. Check them out here!

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