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Veronica's Music Tops of 2017

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Veronica's Music Tops of 2017

So of course I had to get my good friend on here! Where do I begin? Veronica is one you do not want to get into a music debate with because she KNOWS her ish. Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion but don’t try to debate her and not know the cold hard hip hop facts lol She’s also a super talented writer and one of these hip hop publications need to stop playing and get her on their staff asapington. Down below is her Top of 2017 list. Read below and get hip!

Top 20 Albums

J.I.D - The Never Story, If you know me you know I love Spillage Village and all of it’s artists. On top of the already great news of signing with Dreamville (and rapping better than the label head) he dropped this awesome album with the folks he came up with. Plus it lead to a fantastic tour.

Goldlink - At What Cost, I’ve loved Goldlink since The god Complex and he hasn’t let me down since. He recruited another good friend April George and she arranged one of the choral parts featured.

Freddie Gibbs - You Only Live 2wice, Not gonna lie I super thought Gibbs was gonna go down for that false rape charge overseas and nothing would be heard from him again. But he beat the case! Still waiting for Bandana though.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN, The internet has already too much about this album. It sounds good forward and backwards. It reveals more about the legend of Kendrick, the newest God MC.

Gucci Mane - DropTopWop, I won’t claim to be a long time Gucci fan, that would be a lie. But fresh out of jail newly clean Wop made a new fan out of me with this one.

Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory, One thing you should know is that Vince Staples is hilarious on the internet. He’s also pretty damn decent at this whole rap thing. The Kendrick feature wasn’t event the best part of this project. He and Kilo Kish need a joint EP.

Jay-Z - 4:44, Jay-Z delivered once more. Only one song made me more emotional than Smile. Who else could’ve expressed how most Black folk currently feel about O.J. after all those documentaries and mini-series? A goat reigns on.

Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy, Who thought we’d go from eating cockroaches to celebrating flowers? Stacked features, one crazy ass beat drop, and a Lil Wayne solo. For reference it also sounds amazing live.

Rapsody - Laila’s Wisdom, There’s not enough said about Rapsody, I think it’s because finding the words to accurately describe what she’s doing is truly a task. She is the gem of the Jamla Squad.

Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time, Remember when Def Jam had K.R.I.T. essentially locked up? Remember when we thought that it might be over? Don’t answer that last one 12 for 12 proved his prowess, 4eva proved that the juice was truly Everlasting.

Sampha - Process, (No One Knows Me), Like the Piano is one of the most emotional songs of 2017. It’s 40 minutes of raw feeling. Also don’t correct me if you hear me singing “I swear they smell the Black on me” I know it’s wrong, I don’t care.

Thundercat - Drunk, Another album where Kendrick isn’t the best part of the track listing. I wish I were a fly on the wall for the conversation that lead to the creation of Show You the Way with Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, a thing I didn’t know my life was missing until I heard it.

Smino - Blkswn, You may have heard that Smino is the best thing outta St. Louis since Nelly, I think he’s on track to surpass the band-aid faced man. While Blkswn was a bit long, it came through with the melodies and rhymes that you need.

Little Dragon - Season High, Earthgang brought me to Little Dragon years ago and being a fan has been a blast ever since. Hearing Season High live at their cross country tour and then again at Made In America fest was insane. Who’s bass knocks harder?

SZA - Ctrl, Finally a full length project from the lone lady on TDE’s roster. Well worth the delay. Totally worth the Grammy nomination. Make sure you listen to the lyrics before judging her.

Daniel Caesar - Freudian, A gospel of love songs good enough to make your grandmother shout. If your love doesn’t feel close to this then maybe some reevaluating should happen. It was all the church I needed in 2017.

Sabrina Claudio - About Time, Someone special sent me the song Frozen and I delved into the rest of it and that’s all she wrote. With artists like her making music you can’t ever say that R&B/Soul is dead.

Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference, It should be stated that I bought the vinyl of this album prior to having heard a second of it. That’s a high risk move and Mr. Washington delivered as expected. Much shorter than his previous offering The Epic it soothes the mind all the same.

Miguel - War & Leisure, A late comer to the year end list. Even the snooze worthy verse(s), yes more than one, from J. Cole couldn’t ruin it. I’m off to listen to Caramelo Duro for the millionth time.


Top 10 Videos

Earthgang (Voodoo, Meditate, Robots)

Tierra Whack (Mumbo Jumbo)

Tyler the Creator (Who Dat Boy)

Kamasi Washington (Truth)

Amine (Red Mercedes)

Kendrick Lamar (Loyalty, Element, DNA, Humble)

Jay-Z (Moonlight, The Story of O.J.)

Danny Brown (Ain’t It Funny)

Thundercat (Show You The Way)

Big Shaq (Man’s Not Hot)


Top 7 Artists to Watch

Earthgang, The Spillage Village invasion of Dreamville continues. Royalty is set to drop in January leading up to their album Mirrorland. Catch up with their EP’s Rags and Robots.

Sabrina Claudio, Whatever she’s putting out next I need to hear it after such a wonderful helping of melodies.

Daniel Caesar, A great live performer and such emotion packed into one man, we aren’t worthy.

Steve Lacy, A young genius. Hopefully he sings more lead on The Internet’s upcoming group project and maybe one day he’ll release full length songs.

J.I.D, Your favorite rapper respects the rhymes, get on board.

Childish Major, He finally debuted a solo effort Woo$ah. He knows all the right folk if you’ve been watching for a while. His breakout rapidly approaches, follow along.

Smino, He’s blending singing and rapping in a way that isn’t annoying and filled with autotune. He’s also got a co-sign from T-Pain, speaking of which you should check out their video to the Anita Remix.


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