The Blue Mountain Vineyard

The Blue Mountain Vineyard

I've wanted to visit a vineyard for the absolute longest and my dream finally came true lol. My trip to Blue Mountain Vineyard was not only tasty, but it was also super informative. Don't worry, I'll share the I'll share all the gems.

Wine tasting is the perfect date with bae or girls day out with your bestest, idk you just feel grown and classy lol. 

Did you know that wine made in a winery has a significantly higher sugar content than made from a vineyard. Yes, it's true. Wineries use juice to make their wine while vineyards grow their grapes to make their own juice. If you're getting headaches from drinking wine (obviously not like entire bottles) you might wanna check that sugar. Our bodies are not suppose to intake more than 25g (for women) and 37.5g for men, but honestly fellas, don't push it). I have definitely gotten a headache from eating a donut and that's when I realized I had to make a huge change in my diet, specifically with added sugars because I have a crazy sweet tooth. This was a huge eye opener for me and for those of us making healthier choices, changing our lifestyles, this is very useful information. You might want to think twice before buying a bottle of wine after a long day at work. Not saying you can't indulge, but definitely do some research on the brand to make sure it's manufactured at a vineyard. Oh and btw, a vineyard is basically a farm -- that's really what the tour guide told us. 

At the Blue Mountain Vineyard wine tasting session, you have two options: wine and chocolate or wine and cheese. Cheese seems more classic, but my bf knows how I feel about chocolate so when he surprised me with this date, that's what he chose. You also have a choice of sweet wines or dry wines. Usually couples will each get a different one and share with their partner that way you get to taste more wines....and more chocolate. They taught us to use all of our senses to have an experience. It was not all about taste. The chocolate paired with each assigned wine went soooo well and they were so delicious! I'm a chocolate connoisseur, so I would know ;)


The tour also included going to the basement to see the infamous barrels and equipment used during the process. 


I definitely recommend going to one and this one in particular. We had a high energy tour guide who seemed really interesting in the knowledge she was throwing at us and I loved it. I honestly feel like she made the experience more enjoyable as well. Tour guides matter (especially when touring colleges but that's another topic for another day) I wouldn't mind going back to try the cheeses. *who am i kidding chocolate over everything).


We pretty much agreed on which wines were great and which ones were a bit too bitter even with the chocolate. The list of each wine and chocolate we tasted are below and the italicized and bold listings were our favorites... the other ones..not so much, lol. 

Sweet wine and chocolate pairings:

Mountain Spice paired ---- Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate

Bri's Blush ---- Tropical Punch White Chocolate

Mountain Frost ---- Key Lime White Chocolate

Victoria's Passion ---- Strawberry Dark Chocolate

Red Horizon ---- Pure Peanut Butter Chocolate


Dry wine and chocolate pairings:

Chardonnay --- Tropical Punch White Chocolate

Sauvignon Blanc ---- Dark Chocolate

Merlot ---- Cherry Milk Chocolate

Pinor Noir ---- Rasberry Dark Chocolate

Petite Sirah ---- Strawberry Dark Chocolate

Just to reiterate every piece of chocolate was delicious. 

Have you guys ever been wine tasting? What was your experience like? Leave me a comment and let me know or connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.