Refocused For 2019

Refocused For 2019


Happy 2019! January seemed pretty long, but hey we made it. So also, yes, Happy Black History Month! This is not a BHM related post, but I did want to update you guys on a 21 day journey I took last month…

My church does a modified Daniel fast every January and this is the first time I really participated. No meats, no sweets, no alcohol for 21 days. Not only should this be a health shift, but also a time to reflect, pray and truly seek God about the new year. I do admit I started fasting before I knew what changes I wanted to make, but I managed to find them within the first week in 5 aspects of my life. Home, school, finances, career, and my beloved blog.

For home. Quick update. I moved into a new apartment closer to work and I actually had to do 2 out of the 3 weeks of the fast in the new place. Here are 3 small, but major changes I made

  1. Tidy up the entire living space (kitchen, living room, dining area) before bed

  2. Make up my bed before leaving the house everyday

Now when I lived with my parents, dishes in the sink before bed was a no no, but this wasn’t my first time living alone, so there are some days you are just so pooped from a long day that dishes become something to do tomorrow. (a run on, I know.) I believe that making it a habit to do these things keep my apartment up to par all the time and to also take value in it. I’m a firm believer that valuing my things + my space will show God that I’m ready for even bigger blessings in the future, whatever He has in store.

For school. My homework assignments are due every Sunday night 11:59 pm, I made a decision to do all homework assignments before each weekend began. I only had 3 assignments during the fast and it has created a habit for me to stop procrastinating on the inevitable.

For finances. Last August, I made a spreadsheet to begin budgeting properly. What I wanted to do was increase the biweekly savings amount I set aside each check and I did exactly that. #ontheroadtorichessnitches

For work. Confession time. I’ve become somewhat of a lone-wolf. I do not go out of my way to meet people at work or even socialize. I like to get my work done and go. At my new company, it is everything! It is exactly how you get connected and expand your career network. Since stepping out of this bubble, I’ve met several people that are willing to let me shadow their work to see if I would be interested in side projects that interest me. Superrrr dope.

For #feedherstyle. Consistency has definitely a struggle for me. When I first started my blog, I had weekly posts… sometimes even biweekly. My readers were always getting content. Now that I’m in a role at work that is aligned with my passion and goals, the blog has been put on the back-burner. It took me awhile to realize this, but it is because I’m in my dream career . I wanted to ultimately use my blog to get where I am today. I can already tell being in this mental space and in my new place has been inspiration to do things my way. No rules on weekly posts or pressure to keep up. I wanted to redefine consistency. Consistency for me is simply being present. A more realistic goal for me was to be present on social media, not just piping out blog posts like a machine. Engagement with people who believe in me and my journey have become the priority and I aim to stick to that for a while.  

This month has been a great indication of what’s to come for me in 2019. I pray that this month gives you clarity. Know what you want for yourself. Plan the (realistic) goals you wish to complete before December 2019.

Have you made any changes this year so far? Whether small or large, let me know in the comments or hmu on Instagram. Thanks always for your continuous support!