Always On Time

Always On Time

And we back, and we back, and we back.

Long Time No See!  It has been so long since I have given an inspirational post, but here I am; so let us not talk about the past, Lol.  As you may know, I packed up my things and moved to Philadelphia to pursue a master's degree. Was I afraid?  No.  It's school, so whatever, but this would be my first apartment without a roommate where I'm actually taking care of ALL the bills.  Super Saiyan Adulting. You hear me?

This is a tale of faith and perseverance...

So I get hired April 28 and I'm officially sign

One thing I did not mention … I was getting sick of broken promises from my previous employer, so this "new move/fresh start" vibe I was feeling came at a perfect time.  I actually moved without a job; but I knew this city was full of opportunities on the account of the myriad of universities, their affiliate hospitals and scientific laboratories.   I knew I would get hired somewhere!  Welp! (upside down smiling emoji) I did not start frantically looking until about March, and at this point I was feeling anxious hoping God would make a way.  I got in contact with some recruiters believing their craft of finding employment would increase my chances.  Some called for jobs with either too little pay or too long of a commute.  My plan of joining the ranks of high achievers and finding a medically/scientifically relevant job was not happening. I was constantly praying and asking family and friends to do the same; I desperately needed the village behind me. Although it was a discouraging time…Nothing in me felt like I was not going find a job. I JUST assumed it would be one I did not desire and that was okay since rent waits for no one.  

So I got hired April 28th and it is official!!  I am signing papers and starting the process for my ID badge and all that good stuff.  But let us rewind.  I want to tell you about how I got this job:

On February 2nd, the manager of the clinic sent an email for a job opening to my dean who forwarded it to all the graduate students of the College of Medicine.  I viewed the notice but kept about my business thinking someone more qualified is definitely going to apply -- I mean I was against the whole school.  On February 7th knowing I literally had nothing to lose applied for the position.  After not hearing back from other places I had applied to, I emailed the manager back and said I need this job...I emailed her my resume and expressed my interest.  I got an email back on February 28th saying interviews would start March 14th, I Immediately emailed her, she later responded. Interview – March 16th!!! .  

After meeting with the hiring staff I was informed that they would be in touch. Not only did I have to make my mark with them, I ALSO had to impress the doctors I would be working with. So, three doctors later, I received thumbs up; I was overjoyed.  Inasmuch as this was a grueling process; God’s hand was in it.  I get to wear scrubs, establish professional relationships with prominent doctors, fellows, and residents. I interact with patients directly; listening and learning about their diagnoses and therapies...implementing my own schedule.  ALL GOD!

Random: As soon as I got hired, I got two other offers. Where were you months ago?

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: It happened the right way! I took the perfect job for me!

Did I forget to mention I was running out of money by the time I got hired? When I tell you He may not always come when you want Him to, but He's ALWAYS ON TIME.  I cannot make this up!

I am a testament of God's favor.

It is essential to move forward in your faith and just wait.

God will show up and show OUT! You hear me? I got hired two days before my birthday and found out a week later that I racked up all A's in my graduate courses.  AGAIN ALL GOD!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lead not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path. 

Proverbs 3:5


Selah. (Pause and think on that)