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Minor Setback for a Major Comeback

Mallory HamiltonComment
Minor Setback for a Major Comeback


  1. a checking of progress
  2. defeat, reverse
  3. automatic scheduled adjustment to a lower temperature setting of a thermostat

(definitions from Merriam Webster Dictionary)

These three definitions are soooo different. In the past, I have associated the word with number all the time. Defeat. My situation did not have MY desired effect. I have not come out victorious, so I most have failed. Something not working the way you thought it would does not mean you failed. Maybe it was meant for a lesson to test you. To train you. One thing for sure, you learned a whole lot about yourself.  I just want to encourage you to continue write down your goals and trust God to order your steps so that the pathway to that goal is in His will.

There are times I feel like I should be progressing at a much faster rate for my age and it sometimes gets me down. One thing I like to do whenever I’m feeling this way is to stop and reflect. Did I not get that job because I wasn’t qualified? Was that job actually in God’s plan for my life? Why am I not a millionaire yet? Remember it’s not a race to the top of your success. 

Always remember... 

Its already Yours - Joshua  1:3

I don’t like the phrase “Trust the process” because it’s  not specific enough — instead I like to say “Trust God’s process” so that through it all His will be done.

Selah. (Pause and think on that)