#HUEAffairTour + tips for going to events alone

#HUEAffairTour + tips for going to events alone


This past weekend I attended the New York stop of the HUE Affair Tour 2018 and it was a really good time!  I’m currently patting myself on the back for mustering up the courage to go to this event alone btw. My friend is a brand ambassador for one of the brands, so I was able to see her, but she really couldn’t hang because she was working.  I’m usually the type that needs a buddy when going to events like these because it requires you to be very social because I tend to look like lost when I’m alone. You know, lol? Well, I guess that’s how I felt back then because that is no longer the case. I’m finally grown and I can hold my own. (bars)


To be honest, it didn't start off as great as it ended. The line was down the street & around the block, it was monsooning on and off again, and they didn’t start to let people in until about 45 minutes after expected because the elevator at the venue broken. Butttttt by the time I was next in line to head inside, the elevator was working again! Man I tell ya favor ain’t fair!

As soon I walked in, I kinda got smacked in the face by all of the Black Girl Magic. It was amazing. This was essentially a natural hair beautycon minus the food lol. I do wish they had food vendors. There was a vegan food fest on the first floor of the venue so I did eat, but you know I didn't want to travel. These well known brands were selling hair products (at discounted prices okurrrrrr), doing live demonstrations, and conducting presentations with panelists of hair stylists, brand owners, and influencers. 


It was really a great vibe and there wasn't one time where I felt awkward or lonely.  As you can see, I even went to the photobooth twice. I was really in my element. I'm usually very camera shy when strangers are watching me get my picture taken, but I just told myself "This is for the gram" and BOOM! Lol.  

Some tips for going to event alone:

1) Get comfortable with yourself. You're alone and it is OKAY. Map out a plan to spend your time wisely. I can't speak for other type of events, but for beauty/hair, everyone is vlogging, taking selfies & posting on their stories ...so you can feel free to do the same

2) Don't be afraid to talk to people! I ended up meeting cool people in the line outside (in the monsoon) on my way in, Kela Walker and, Maya Smith (owner of The Doux). 

3)  Go to the panel discussions/presentations. I had already planned to do this because it would knock off some of aimlessly walking around trying to figure out what else to do besides swiping my debit card lol

Bonus. Always take pictures in the photobooth. Once you start posting photos from the event and using their hashtag, you can also find other people from the event and get connected! 

The next tour stop is in Chicago in September 2018, I would definitely encourage the Chicagoans to go! I can only hope that there will be another Hue Affair next year in NY because I would definitely make this an annual stop.


I got some amazing goodies some complimentary and some bought and I'm very hype to try them all. What am I most excited to try? Hmm, I'll say everything from Mielle since I've been wanting to try their products for a while, the honey hair mask from TGIN, both products from The Doux (C'mon that mousse is called "Mousse Def") and that hair pick from Aunt Jackie's! I feel like a true naturalista now that I have a hair pick. Just wait 'til my fro is out! Nothing is what you will be able to tell me. 

Brands shown above: Mielle Organics, Palmers, TGIN, The Doux, and Aunt Jackie's. For the complete list of vendors, click here and for my information about the event, click here. 

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