KL Polish...Thats What She Said

KL Polish...Thats What She Said

KathleenLights, a beauty guru, launched her own nail polish brand in with a winter collection December 2016. In April 2017, she released 6 more colors for her spring line and I picked up "Thats What She Said" This color really drew me in. I do have quite a few nail polishes, no where near as many Kathleen has, but none look like this. It's literally perfect for all seasons! The website describes it as a "Rose silver" shade and that is fitting, it truly is a unique beauty. It came wrapped up nicely and with this thank you note from Kathleen. I love notes in my packages, lol. Even though it its not directly to me, its still feels personal and super cute. 

Currently, the nail polishes are only online at klpolish.com and they each retail for $8.50 and shipping in the U.S. is flat rate of $4.95 paid $13.45 in total. Listen, I hate paying for shipping, with a passion. Like I almost didn't buy this, but I wanted to try it out and test only one color just in case I didn't like it. When you visit the site for the first time, there is 10% off coupon and I think I was back and forth between phone and computer and forgot to add it at the end. You might get more bang for your buck if you get a few colors and use the discount though. Don't make that mistake. Save your coins, girl. 

I ordered on April 12, 2017 and received it on April 15, 2017 . You get 12ml/0.41 fl. oz. of product. It is 7 free ( Free from 7 harmful chemicals: "formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. 7-free nail polishes add xylene and ethyl tosylamide to that list, and 9-free polishes are also free of parabens and acetone." (KL Polish FAQ page)

I love the name. The Office is my all time favorite sitcom, so yeah. This was a done deal. Some small details I love about the packaging are the bottle shape, brush, and the cap. The bottle is very sleek with a glass bottom. The brush is wide, but not too wide, with a rounded tip perfect for smooth application from cuticle to end. Lastly, the soft touch twist cap is super convenient! I have so many bottles that are so hard to twist off once I've had them for a while. Bonus: If I have lotion on my hands, it is still easy to twist off, lol. 

This formula is supposed to be comparable with other well known brands because of the long process Kathleen had in testing it and making sure it was long lasting. Now, I can say that it lasts longer than any other brand I have tried in drugstore. Did it last an entire week for me? No. But that I only expect when I go to a professional nail salon with base and top coat included. When I first did m nails with this polish, I did not use a top because I was in a rush and did not not have time for #allat. Even with some chipping, it was still completely wear-able for like 4 days without them though. My index finger was the first to chip after 3 days, but literally I cannot escape this...unless a professional does it. Specifically my left index finger, always...and I'm a righty, so I don't get it. 

I wanted to give it another go, so for a second test, I removed the polish from my thumb, index and middle fingers (both sides), reapplied the polish and finished with a top coat and BAM, there was the long-lasting factor I was hoped for. 

This formula lasts longer than Essie, Sally Hansen, Deborah Lipman, Forever21 polish, and H&M polish... on me. Disclaimer. (How many times will I say "on me"?) Seriously though, those brands will last me maybe 3 days max before I need to nail polish remove 'em all. But remember, that is without base and top coat. Idk, I think that's pretty impressive. Anyway, it is also nice and thick and two coats gives a great opaque look with a pearlescent finish. 

So, yes. I will repurchase from this brand and I'm definitely looking to get at least 5 more colors. Her colors have been absolutely beautiful -- there is not one color I dislike that has released. I'll be on the lookout for the summer collection too, lol.  I feel like a stark white is comin' and you know every summer (season) is for white toes, ladies. 

I hope this first impressions mini review was helpful. Let me know if you've tried any polishes from this brand and what you thought of them. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and like #Feedherstyle on Facebook!