In the blogging world, I would describe myself a style enthusiast, a makeup hoarder, steadfast christian, and an unpaid food critic and I figured I could just share all these things with you all right here, lol.  I didn't realize it was my fear of "putting myself out there" that almost made me quit while I was ahead, but a dear friend of mine told me the only thing stopping me from launching this blog was me. It was such a wake up call that I decided to launch this on my 24th birthday (April 30th -don't forget it) marking a new year for growth in all aspects of my life. So feed into my creativity as I talk about my personal style, all things beauty, travels, faith, and food. This is just a taste of my life. ;)

10 Random Facts

  1. New Jersey, not pronounced Joisey, native
  2. B.S. Biology from the illustrious Hampton University (S/O to Black STEM)
  3. Active BEYhive member *sips Lemonade*
  4. Sushi is my fav food...I make sure my baked mac&cheese levels stay high doe
  5. Traveling is bae.
  6. Brunch? I already reserved a table.
  7. Festivals & concerts? Coins already set aside.
  8. I have the BEST support system ever.
  9. I almost talked myself out of making this blog, glad I didn't :)
  10. Jesus is the reason for every season fiveever.